Tax Planning

When you are getting your business back on its feet, you need to be sure that all aspects of your finances are in order.

When you work with KSAS, our specialists will review all aspects of your tax position, from corporation tax to tax-efficient remuneration and pension contributions, and advise you on working with HM Revenue & Customs on making time to pay arrangements, to give you more flexibility in meeting your tax liabilities.

We can also ensure you are making best use of all the allowances and reliefs available so that you are not taking more money out of your business than you have to when you pay your tax bill.

We can look at ways to make the annual investment allowance (AIA) for tax-free investment in plant and machinery work for you, alongside the capital allowances giving tax relief on spending above the AIA and on some expenditure on buildings.

If your business is involved in science and technology, you may be eligible for valuable research and development tax credits that can make a real difference to your financial health.

At KSAS, tax planning isn’t just about saving your money: it’s an integral part of our work to support your performance improvement and business growth.

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