Recommended Accounting Software

One of the aims of KSAS is  to keep up with the technical advancements in making available to our clients the latest innovations within the accountancy software market.  We recommend online packages such as Xero as well as the more traditional software such as VT Transaction plus that is loaded onto the PC.


Xero is a fully featured accounting/bookkeeping package accessed through the internet with a secure logon and password. With the advent of Banks now offering as standard “on line” control of Bank Accounts, a time saving feature is the ability to upload Bank information direct into the package, and then to analyse and allocate the entries to the relevant accounts within the software.

KSAS staff are fully trained on this package and have undergone the certification to ensure that we are able to support our clients with any problems that may arise

XeroXero Features

  • Automated Bank Feeds
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Invoicing and billing
  • VAT reporting
  • End of month management reporting
  • Budget and variance reporting
  • Expense Claims
  • Contact Manangement
  • Fixed assets
  • Multi currency
  • Available anywhere and anytime or on any device with an internet connection

Contact us for more information and a demonstration of Xero

VT Transaction+

VT Transaction+ is a fully featured accounting/bookkeeping package for Windows. It can be used in a wide range of circumstances from small incomplete-records jobs to companies with hundreds of thousands of transactions. It can also be used to process and adjust trial balances.

Transaction+ is flexible and easy to use, data entry is very fast and transactions and entries can be easily edited. Many users prefer it to better known packages

vtVT Transaction+ Features

  • Rapid data entry screen for entering a mixture of payments and receipts directly from bank statements (includes AutoComplete feature)
  • Any number of bank accounts can be set up. Easy to use bank reconciliation feature
  • Transactions and entries can be easily edited or deleted
  • Fully integrated cash book, sales, purchase and nominal ledgers
  • Fully automatic year-ends. Any financial year can be selected at any time. Year-end dates can be altered at any time. Year-ends do not have to be set up
  • Profit and loss account and balance sheet in tax return format can be displayed, printed or exported to tax  software packages (for unincorporated businesses)
  • Sales invoicing
  • VAT returns
  • VAT cash accounting
  • VT Cashbook

VT Cashbook

VT Cashbook is an easy to use piece of software that is ideal for recording day to day transactions for any size business. We would like to offer this software to our clients to help your business to keep track of records and make life easier for you and also for us, because we at KSAS use a similar system that will link in with VT Cashbook to make completing your accounts easier, quicker and with less cost to you, the client.

This program is supplied by the software company completely free.

vtVT Cashbook Features:

  • Fast data entry with auto-complete
  • Supports multiple bank/cash accounts
  •  Bank reconciliation
  • VAT returns
  • Easy correction of mistakes
  • Profit and loss account, balance sheet and ledgers reports
  • Use the links below to download or learn more about VT Cashbook.

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