Inheritance tax planning

When you’ve worked hard to make your business a success, you want the wealth you’ve built up to benefit your family and friends when you are no longer around, not the taxman.

The earlier you start planning for the way you will pass on your assets, the greater your opportunities will be to make your arrangements as inheritance tax-efficient as possible.

Our tax specialists at KSAS are experienced in inheritance tax (IHT) planning and can advise you on a range of options to minimise your liabilities, including lifetime gifts, trusts, life insurance and wills.

We understand that although you want to reduce the IHT payable on your estate, you also want to keep enough of the wealth that you’ve worked so hard for to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable standard of living in retirement.

We will work with you to balance your financial needs and ensure that the right provision for yourself and your partner for your later life, when your housing, health and care needs may change in the short or longer-term, is put in place.

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